Extrait de parfum is the first fragrance collection for connoisseurs, created after dozens of laboratory tests and olfactory evaluations, to turn an idea into aromatic reality.

The masterful combinations of valuable perfume ingredients and the high content of perfume compounds, place them in the most luxurious category in perfumery – that of Extrait de parfum.

The fragrances are original creations, lasting and intensive, and each of them has the unique power to transform an ordinary moment into extraordinary experience.

The beginning is intoxicating, but the emphasis falls on the middle and base notes, and when the scent of our skin merges with them, a magical synthesis is created, that reveals the true essence, the soul of the perfume scent. A slight touch of this fragrance is enough to emphasize your presence.

Eau de parfum Intense are rich fragrances, with increased intensity, captivating with high scent and composition. These are long-lasting and memorable fragrances designed to provoke and impact.


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