Oriental, woody

Extrait de parfum 23%

An inspiration from the scent hovering above a desert as the setting sun creates shiny patterns of shadows and lights on the dunes.
At first everything seems motionless, only a steaming trickle of incense floats in the air, suddenly the desert comes alive and draws the traveler into a passionate adventure.
Intensive and lasting, embodied the richness and depth of agarwood with the characteristic smoky, resinous and balsamic notes, enriched with raspberry accents and modified with notes of saffron, jasmine and rose.
Designed for lovers of uncommon essences, a fragrance that concentrates the feeling of infinity in one of the most mythical ingredients in perfumery: Agarwood

55 ml

Top notes:agarwood, smoky notes, birch wood, raspberry
Heart notes:saffron, rose, geranium, jasmine, leather notes
Base notes:incense, ambergris, benzoin, balsamic notes


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