ROUGE ARABE Bottle and box

Oriental, floral

Extrait de parfum 23%

A supreme perfumery performance and an adorable interplay between four independent accords, each providing a different and emotional aspect.

The basis is sweet and strong, with almond notes and brilliant saffron with slightly metallic nuance that creeps into the rest of composition.

Woody tones of freshly cut cedar are enhanced by cool aspects of Egyptian jasmine. A cashmere, woody-floral whisper that caresses the skin.

It immerses us in the atmosphere of the East, with an extraordinary harmony of the warm fragrance of agarwood, masterfully intertwined with the innocence and delicacy of the rose.

And finally – sensual amber, sweet caramel and musk, nuanced with leathery, balsamic and resinous notes.
Luxurious scent with an easily recognizable olfactory imprint in just one splash.

55 ml

Top notes:saffron, blackcurrant, almond, orange
Heart notes:Egyptian jasmine, rose, spicy notes, cedar
Base notes:agarwood, amber, musk, balsamic notes, vanilla, caramel, resinous notes


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