Oriental, spicy, tobacco, honey

Extrait de parfum 21%

This fragrant comfort of skillfully entangled notes of dried tobacco leaves, sweet delicate tinges of honey and plum, against the backdrop of spices, resins, chocolate, caramel, vanilla.

Everything in harmony, perfectly coordinated, a true olfactory experience applied to our skin in a very natural and pleasant way.

Sweet, amber, powerful and sensual, everything about it is as if bathed in a soft autumn light, but at the same time it shines in rich colors.

This interaction of warm, smoky, spicy and even fresh notes makes us feel peaceful and prosperous.
Pleasant fragrance from the first minute. It is distinguished by a high content of perfume compound and exceptional durability.

55 ml

Top notes:saffron, cloves, honey
Heart notes:chocolate, patchouli, golden tobacco, labdanum
Base notes:amber, caramel, moss, vanilla


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